Mix Anything Anywhere In Your Kitchen Faster And Better With Jiffy Mixer


Here is a portable, heavy duty mixer in a range of sizes that lets you quickly and thoroughly beat, blend, mix, or whip in pint or 30 quart containers anywhere in your kitchen.

Lightweight and operated by any electric chucked power tool, they are extremelly easy to use on fast small jobs that are awkward and difficult for 30 quart plus mixers like:

BLENDING/MIXING – Refried Beans, Soups, Guacamole, Purees, Sauces, Dips, Dressings, Ice Cream

BEATING/WHIPPING – Omelettes, Meringues,Potatoes, Batters, Cream, Dough, Souffles, Tuna Salad

Made of stainless steel 304 Jiffy Mixer’s patented design has two sets of welded blades, one horizontal the other vertical. This unique blade combination substantially reduces mixing time as they pull the ingredients to be mixed down from the top and up from the bottom into the mixing head. The ring encircling the lower blades protcects them and the mixing container’s sides from damage.