Mix the Toughest Materials with Ease

Jiffy Mixer® Co. Inc is an all purpose, heavy duty, extremely efficient industrial/commercial mixer. It’s designed to quickly and thoroughly mix dense and viscous substances in an open container.  It eliminates waste and unwanted aeration of    materials in addition to cutting mixing time up to 90%

Made of Stainless Steel 304, Jiffy® Mixer’s patented construction and design is for mixing not just stirring. It has two sets of specially welded blades, one horizontal the other vertical. The vertical ones keep the mixing action between them, the horizontal ones employ an exclusive hydraulic-flow principle that prevents sucking air.

In addition, the horizontal blades pull the high density materials up from the bottom while forcing the low viscosity solvents down from the top. The leading edge of the lower horizontal blade will scrape the bottom of the mixing container into the mixing unit. The ring encircling the lower blades protects them and the mixing container’s sides from damage.

This unique design delivers thorough mixing of light to even the hard to mix viscous materials; wet or dry materials such as adhesives, epoxies, slurry, sealants, waterproofing materials, concrete, chemicals and resins. These mixers are available in different sizes to accommodate the smallest to the largest mixing job.